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The Driving School Di.Di.

The Driving School “Di.Di.”, as well as address all able-bodied fans, want to (re) bring the world of two wheels even those guys that bureaucratic difficulties, logistical and psychological until now have not had the chance to do.

The courses include both theoretical and practical for everyone, with a special attention to the characteristics of mobility of students with disabilities and to changes in the middle of the prosthesis and clothing more suitable. Also for these bikers “special” School Guide Di.Di. provides motorcycles and scooters scaled according to their different mobility needs.


The Di.Di.Bike

Our school also has the only prototype in Italian motorcycle adapted for paraplegics or difficulties with the lower limbs, the Di.Di.Bike, created in collaboration with Honda Italy, which has provided a NC700 S, and with  Handytech , which has set up an experimental system of pulleys lateral descendants. Here the PROMO of the Di.Di.Bike.


The Structure

The preparation and construction of custom motorcycles supplied to the School (moving or modified commands brake, gas, clutch, and more, depending on the motor characteristics of the students), is curated by companies qualified in special adaptations, and Team Sports Associations who have offered to help with the project. The involvement of these companies, teams and freelancers guarantee the exact efficiency of modified vehicles, as well as the logistics of transport, movement of the structure and the layout of the same while driving courses, offering a meeting point for students and an information service and a secretariat for the enrollment in the courses.


The Instructors

In the first line there is of course our boys of Team Di.Di., that in these two years of racing have gained a wealth sporting and educational unique, essential therefore to provide emotional and practical support to young people who wish to get closer to the two wheels.

Staff also belong instructors able bodied, among which:

- Chiara Valentini, Secretary Di.Di., pilot and European champion in 2006, years in the field of road and Federal Technician for speed. Has numerous collaborations with leading two-wheeler driving schools;

- Vinicio Bogani, in the past several times winner of the tricolor in the Superbike class in 1985, he won the third place in the European championship of speed class 500 For years, he devoted himself personally to arrange driving courses.


Even the champions Dario Marchetti, several times victorious in endurance races on circuits all over the world, as well as head of the instructors of the Ducati Riding Experience and Manuel Poggiali, World Champion GP 125 GP in 2001 and 250 in 2003, have offered their expertise for our school.

Here the promo of our driving courses, and here some photos.

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