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Road Safety in Schools

"Do not waste your life in a second"

This is the message launched by Emiliano Malagoli, president of the association Di.Di., that with the beginning of 2014 has given rise to a series of meetings with students.

The pilot Tuscan amputee in his right leg in a car accident in motion, has initiated a series of meetings with students in middle and high schools to bring in their own experience of biker-road user and to encourage young people to react vigorously when faced with difficulties.

Thanks to a unique and extraordinary inner strength, which allowed him to achieve milestones unexpected in a few months, Emily has managed to turn this tragic experience into an opportunity: an opportunity to share with others, an opportunity to create a direct contact with the boys and make them understand the true dangers of the road, the causes of accidents and ways to avoid them. But his personal journey is also a teaching of life for everyone, regardless of age, stimulus in everyday life and the achievement of personal goals, in school and at work.

"The aim is to raise awareness among young people from an early age, and I think that telling my story will be helpful,” says Emiliano. “Often the most important lessons in life are those who live in first person. I imagine that speak directly to people who carry on the permanent consequences of an accident, as in my case, it can be a meeting for students and educational indelible. And anyway, I want to spread positive energy and also demonstrate that in life you should never break down, no matter what happens."

Also positive feedback of teachers where the first meetings were held: “The message received was very penetrating, despite the delicacy with which it was conducted speech. The boys in my class were very happy to have had this opportunity because the reality of direct experience is always better than many speeches educational abstract. They were really moved. E ‘was also significant overall sense of never giving up in the face of nothing; it is needed because today’s family difficulties and relationship in general are many and varied.

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