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Di.Di. Diversamente Disabili

No profit Organization


The “Di.Di. Diversamente Disabili” Onlus born in January 2013 with the aim of promoting young people with disabilities to the sport as an element of sociability and recovery, as well as support prevention activities and training on topics relating to road safety, healthy lifestyles, education, sport safe, and all actions aimed at avoiding the main potential causes of disability, arranging public events and educational activities aimed at young people.

President of the association is Emiliano Malagoli: in July 2011 he lost his right leg following a car accident in motion, but in record time is back to racing on the track and decided he wanted to share his passion with other disabilities.

Secretary Chiara Valentini, European Champion 600cc category in 2006 and the Federal Technical Italian Motorcycle Federation, for more than 10 years in the organization is at the forefront of driving courses in scooter / bike around Italy.



Di.Di. is the first and only Association in Italy, which is responsible for (re) bring the world of two wheels for those disabled children who bureaucratic difficulties, logistical and psychological until now have not had the opportunity to do so.

With a dual purpose: to allow a recovery of the freedom of personal mobility especially in urban areas where public transport is not suitable and the vehicular mobility is close to paralysis. Second, not secondary importance, to assist the process of recovery of self-confidence and the ability to regain as much as possible, a normal life.

For this reason, we have implemented several initiatives, including:

- a DRIVING SCHOOL, dedicated to children with disabilities who want to learn or return on two wheels, which provide their bikes adapted according to the type of disability;

- a TEAM riders “special”, the first in the world to offer the opportunity to all those riders with disabilities who wish to compete in the national championships also strongly competitive with the able-bodied or in their leagues dedicated to our design;

- meetings of EDUCATION ROAD in schools, with the aim of raising the awareness of young people from an early age about the importance of proper behavior when you are driving, and to encourage them to react with energy when faced with difficulties.

- The DI.DI.DAY, a day of solidarity to give the emotions of the two wheels to all motorcycle enthusiasts who can not drive one because of their disability.

 - The PROJECT LICENCE AS - even this first and unique in Italy, for the re-integration of the disabled into society enabling all people with disabilities who wish to obtain the special license for the bike (AS).

With these projects we aim to share our experiences with others to provide, where possible, the solution to the many problems and be, in some, way, useful to the community. With the aim to make even the promoters of legislative proposals aimed at improving the quality of life (work and social) of a disabled person.

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